Image analysis, made faster.
Create beautiful time-lapses
Choose your area of interest then geovio will create short videos for you to share within your organisation or on social media.
Track changes
Monitor encampments and traffic. Monitor fire hazards or illegal activities.
Combine multiple imagery platforms in one mosaic
Geovio automatically preselects images from imagery sources you want to combine. We support all data layers including multispectral optical, SAR and LiDAR.
Sentinel and Landsat platforms.
Planet and Maxar constellations.
Add your satellite or drone platform; or a data layer using geovio API.
Lighting fast information exchange
Streamline your data flow
Eliminate waiting time between data preparation, data analysis and feedback. Geovio collects all relevant data, reports and feedback in one team project. Co-workers get updated in real-time.
Preselect images for mosaics
Eliminate the need to browse through image catalogues all day. With geovio’s image preselection feature, GIS specialists receive a ready mosaic with little or no effort at all.
Create report templates
Project teams establish their own reporting routine. Geovio follows the routine and provides information. Teams save time on the collection, description and formation of maps and images.
Export mosaics and maps to other GIS
Geovio integrates with Hexagon, ArcGIS, or QGIS software. Export raw image mosaics or analytical maps to preferred software.
Corporate-grade solution
  • Scalability
    Geovio performs well during peak loads and saves resources during quiet hours.
  • Rapid deployment
    Your physical servers or cloud infrastructure are enough to install and use Geovio. No extra investments or hidden costs.
  • Permission management
    User and group access policies allow access to specific data sources, maps or reports.
  • GIS Cloud
    Distributed cloud infrastructure ensures stable and quick access to data all over the world.
Collaboration platform
  • -1-
    Invite co-workers
    Create workspaces dedicated to a project. Team members will always be informed of new data and activities.
  • -2-
    Collect feedback
    Leave and receive feedback where images and maps are created.
  • -3-
    Share results
    Send images and maps across your intranet or publish them on social media.
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