How you get, analyze and share satellite and drone imagery

Effortless analysis, meticulously crafted to amplify the workflow and eliminate routine

Every step you make takes less and brings more

  • Images from multiple sources within a click

    Combine optical imagery with thermal and SAR. Add a higher resolution to your workflow.
  • It comes out perfectly orthorectified

    You are familiar with these annoying slight differences between sources. With geovio you simply don't have them. Check it out.
  • Automatically sliced to your features of interest

    We support areas of interest with nested features. Just create a map and switch between the features.
  • Adjust indices on a fly

    Offset an index value to correct to a seasonal change right from the app. No need to create a separate index.
  • Share outputs

    You decide who can view or edit your maps. Stream maps and statistics via web services or a web browser.
Work together and engage stakeholders
  • Multiplayer

    Simultaneously work with your team. You get new maps from team members. Stakeholders will view your outputs and be happy.

  • Publishing

    Geovio has a friendly web access to maps. Ideal for users who are not familiar with WMTS and GIS.

  • API

    Integrate Geovio into the existing infrastructure. Connect to your own image libraries and export outputs through the API.

Geovio is a corporate grade solution
  • Cloud-based

    Economically efficient with automated workflows, reducing IT costs. Ideal for strategic scalability and security with minimal overhead.

  • On-premises

    Cost-effective for controlled, in-house management. Supports budget-friendly, flexible deployment with robust security.

  • AAA+ Security

    OAuth2 authentication, complemented by advanced user permission management. Comprehensive logs for audits.

Discover how Geovio can take the routine off your plate, giving room for the interesting stuff